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Advance Discounts...
Book in advance and save money on If you book an appointment for tomorrow you will pay the same price as if you booked directly over the phone. If you book further in advance you will start to see the pounds fall off the price! The higher the price of the service you are booking, the bigger the amount you will save!
The biggest key to getting the best value besides shopping around on our site is simply by booking in advance.
The further in advance you book the bigger the savings. There are literally hundreds of different salons available to choose from. It is free to search on our site, and you won’t pay us a booking fee or a service charge. So if you have the time to search our site, comparing prices and customer reviews can pay off big time!
The key to getting the best value, besides shopping around on our site, is simply by booking in advance.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Browse our site comparing prices and customer reviews.
  • If your appointment can wait, book the following week for greater savings.
  • Book the week after that for even greater savings!
  • Book the week… You get the message!
  • If you have just had an appointment, book a follow-up straight away on our site. Why not avail of the maximum possible savings!

We know that name and brand mean everything when it comes to your hair and beauty appointments. Our technique is simple... We get exclusive prices from the best salons so that you book online instead of over the phone. For prices that we feel are too good to pass up, we highlight them in our “Recommendations” section for you to pass on to your friends and family.

SalonAddict works closely with top salons to ensure that we get the best prices for our customers. At SalonAddict, we believe in providing the best prices combined with the best services which is why those of you who have booked with us before recommend us to your family and friends.